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What is Rentaba?

Rentaba provides a platform for creating and maintaining fair, ethical relationships between landlords and tenants. Our website allows for seamless organization and transfer of relevant information, discussions, and questions resulting in a wholly transparent and trustworthy rental experience. Legal protections, commonly found in traditional contracts today, are built-in throughout the relationship lifecycle in a new engine called, FairTract™.

We provide all site users with a clean, simple, and elegant platform for creating and maintaining positive rental relationships. We also help facilitate core functions on behalf of our landlords and tenants, like the background and credit check process, as well as, a marketplace for payments.

Rentaba was founded on seeking an ethical and fair process for renting. We strongly believe that renting means starting a long term relationship between a Landlord and a Tenant. We strive to make this process simple, easy, and fair to all. Yes, there are transactions in this relationship, but that's only one part of it.

We are proud to introduce what we feel is the best alternative and comprehensive solution to benefit our customers, "The FairTract™". This engine produces your FairTract™(a contract in today's market) which sets up your landlord-tenant relationship. From there, you are able to benefit from the list of features the Fairtract™ provides. Our mission is to pave an ethical path for both landlords and tenants, and deliver fairness on their behalf, all while making the process as simple as possible.