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How the FairTract™ Helps Landlords

The FairTract™ is the relationship management system that powers Rentaba’s platform. We have created a comprehensive set of standard terms and conditions for your lease, which you can modify by adding special terms if needed. We call this the FairTract™ because it is balanced and fair to both sides.

This gives the legal basis for all your dealings with your tenant. The FairTract™ is built to support you through the life of your rental relationship. It provides you with a party verification, such as background and credit score checks on your tenants if needed. It also “tracs” and documents all interactions throughout the lifecycle of your rental agreements. It handles a variety of transactions with your tenant and provides insights, analysis, and tips about your rental properties.

The FairTract™ simplifies the management of your properties by focusing on the relationship and allowing you to customize our standard terms and conditions to suit your unique circumstances. Take actions when needed without worrying about complicated procedures because we've got you covered by designing a platform that will work on your behalf. The engine offers: automated payment reminders, educational tips for both you and your tenant to improve the relationship, the capability to switch utilities back and forth, and updates on the status of the rental relationship, allowing the ease of continuing or terminating at the appropriate junctures. All legal protections and procedures commonly found in rental agreements are built into the FairTract™ to make your landlord-tenant relationship a breeze.

The FairTract™ will facilitate relationships with third party vendors as well, such as repair workers, utility companies, rental insurance providers, snow removal companies, and other independent contractors to fit your needs. Everything you need will be under one roof and we continue to add new features based on your valuable feedback.

The FairTract™ is comprehensively built to empower you to focus on being a better landlord by streamlining all you needs in one platform. The FairTract™ will make ethical rental practices easy and improve your overall rental experience.