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How the FairTract™ Helps Tenants

The FairTract™ is the relationship management system that powers Rentaba’s platform. We have created a comprehensive set of standard terms and conditions for your lease. Our attorneys created these to be fair and open. We call these leases "FairTracts"™ because they are balanced and fair for both the landlord and tenant. The FairTract™ provides the legal basis for all your dealings with your landlord.

The FairTract™ is built to support you through the life of your lease. It simplifies the process of setting up your lease and “tracs” all interactions through the duration of your lease. Making rent payments is easy through the platform as is reaching out to your landlord with questions or requests for property maintenance. Things that can otherwise be a pain are made simple by the FairTract™ - switching utilities, requesting repairs, getting insurance, and much more. In all this we have gone to great lengths to protect your legal rights.

The FairTract™ is comprehensively built to ensure you have the simplest, fairest experience as a tenant. The fact that your landlord has signed up for Rentaba means that he is committed to an ethical renting experience and should bring you peace of mind.