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No one likes the feeling of being ripped off or used. What many landlords and tenants don’t realize is that these feelings are common on both sides of the relationship.

From a tenant’s perspective, each new rental experience can be scary. A million questions go through your head, “What if my landlord raises the rent suddenly?,” “What if something breaks and my landlord doesn’t respond?”

From the landlord’s point of view, each new rental agreement can be just as intimidating. You think, “What if my tenant is irresponsible and doesn’t take care of the property?,” “What if my tenant is late making rent payments?”

On both sides of the spectrum, the common denominator is that these agreements are formed between virtual strangers. Not having an in-depth knowledge of the other person leads to feelings of uncertainty and fear.

That’s where Rentaba comes in. We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to go through the process of renting and we know it can be done better. We have worked with the most knowledgeable attorneys and IT wizards to create a simple, fair system to manage relationships between tenants and landlords.

At Rentaba, we really don’t like the word “contract.” Too often, it is indeed a “con.” So, we’ve created our answer to the standard contract and renamed it FairTract™. It’s an easy-to- use framework that is considerate of the needs of each tenant and landlord who uses it. We want all our clients to start their rental relationships off on the right foot, so we’ve simplified the process for everyone. From start to finish on both sides of the rental agreement, all the bases are covered.