Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the answers to these questions will help you out but should you still have questions or need some help, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Do text message rates apply?

    Absolutely not. You’ll receive a free text message notification from Rentaba informing you about any notifications you’ve received on your account. You still will have to go to “My Account”, “Notification Setting”, and enable text message notification.

  2. What is the Relationship Board?

    The relationship board is where you can see the status of your relationship, review your FairTract™, manage your relationship, and get some insights about your relationships.

  3. Can I print out the FairTract/lease and individual payments?

    Yes, upon entering your binding relationship with the other party (either landlord or tenant), you’ll receive a copy of your FairTract™ and the FairTract™ guide, which will govern your relationship and give your few tips on starting your relationship.

  4. What’s the Interaction Center Tab?

    The Interaction Center is your place to start any interaction and address whatever needs you may have. It’s a comprehensive tool that is built to adapt itself to any real life situation and will always be enhanced and improved to meet any real life experience. For example, you can use the Interaction Center report an issue to your landlord, notify your landlord if you need a repair, or file noise complaint. Landlords sometimes might want to interact with their tenants, send notices, add billing information, notify their tenants about new things in their community, or use it simply as a communication method with their tenants. All interactions will be documented and tracked for your reference, so you avoid any verbal promises or grey areas that could cause conflicts in your relationship.

  5. What’s the Financial Tab?

    The Financial Tab is your place to keep up with your financial information and history.

    If you’re a landlord, you’ll find a summary dashboard for income by month, a chart indicating what’s paid or not due yet and what’s late for each month, and much more information and insights about your relationships, both in general and individually.

    If you’re a tenant, you’ll be able to see and Trac™ all your transactions in detail including your monthly payments and when they’re due, your security deposit, and any other transaction that may occur.

  6. What is the Properties Tab?

    Rentaba understands that landlords may have needs that go beyond the creation and distribution of a FairTract™. The property tab is for landlords and allows them to manage their properties, Trac™ any information on the property, or add special rules that may apply on their FairTracts™.

    Also, Rentaba is working hard every day to deliver a marketing tool and enable landlords to market their properties on apartment search engines to attract more tenants to their FairTracted™ property. Not only that, but Rentaba is also working on implementing a marketplace for independent contractors, maintenance companies, insurance providers, moving companies and many more to allow users to comprehensively access one ecosystem for all the needs they may have throughout the duration of their rental relationship.

  7. What’s the Checklist Tab?

    Upon starting a relationship and moving in, tenants have a five day window to complete the checklist and upload any pictures of the rented unit to the website. As soon as the tenant submits the checklist and photos, they’ll be available for the landlord and tenant to review and will be documented as part of that relationship.

  8. Do all Relationships require a background check?

    No, obtaining a Background Check/Credit Report is a landlord’s right. Rentaba provides the ability for landlords to run these checks as part of the relationship but it’s totally up to the landlord whether or not the background/credit check will be required at the start of each relationship.

    1. What happens if I do not meet the landlord’s qualifications for the credit check or background check?

      It will be your landlord’s decision whether or not to pursue the rental relationship forward from that point.

    2. What if I have no credit?

      It will be your landlord’s decision whether or not to pursue the rental relationship forward from that point.

    3. What if I do not have a credit or debit card?

      Rentaba will facilitate a free ACH payment, which is a direct bank account deduction/deposit. We also provide a credit/debit card payment option with a 3% processing fee when used.

  9. Can you search for apartments on Rentaba?

    Not yet, but we are working on implementing a marketing/advertisement channel for landlords to list their available FairTracted™ properties. This will also allow tenants to search for open FairTracted™ properties.

  10. Can you rate/view ratings for the landlord?

    You’ll be able to rate your interactions with your landlord or your tenant, as well as write a summary of your relationship. The user rating system will only be used internally for Rentaba members. More details and explanation will be announced upon full implementation of this feature.

  11. Does Rentaba provide Renter’s Insurance?

    We do not, but we’re working on partnerships with several insurance providers to offer renter’s insurance for tenants and make it easy to obtain through the site.

  12. Landlord: What happens if I notice my tenant has a breach in contract?

    You will be able to immediately send a notice to your tenant from the site, via the Interaction Center, and the notice will be documented within the Relationship History for use if breach issues continue.

  13. Tenant: What happens if my landlord has breached the contract?

    You will be able to immediately send a notice to your landlord from the site, via the Interaction Center, and the notice will be documented within the Relationship History for use if breach issues continue.

  14. Would this FairTract™ be in place of a traditional lease?

    Yes, upon using the site and entering a relationship with your landlord/tenant you will agree to the fact that this is a legally binding relationship, just as a traditional lease would be.

  15. Tenant/Landlord: Where can I view my current FairTract™?

    You’ll receive an email that contains a copy of your FairTract™ and the FairTract™ Guide. You also will be able to view your FairTract™ at any time on the Relationship Board.

  16. Can I cancel a FairTract™ once signed?

    No, your FairTract™ is legally binding for the term of your relationship. Penalties may apply for cancelling before the specified date.

  17. How do I pay for an apartment on Rentaba?

    For tenants, anywhere you go on the site, you’ll see an orange button that says “Pay My Rent Now.” You can easily utilize that button to take you to the payment page. You also can enroll yourself in an automated payment plan. Rentaba will always send you a reminder a few days before the payment is charged to your account and an email of your receipt after the payment has been processed. We also encourage users to enroll in text message notifications to be updated in real time.

  18. How much does it cost to be a Rentaba member?

    For Tenants: Rentaba charges $45/tenant/relationship/FairTract. This $45 will cover any background or credit check, platform maintenance, and services.

    For Landlords: Rentaba charges an application fee of 8% on monthly transactions. This will cover any transaction processing, overhead, and will allow us to improve upon new features and meet our commitment to continually expanding the platform functionality and features.

  19. What should I do if I wish to evict a tenant?

    If your tenant breached your FairTract™ terms and rules, you will be able to print your full relationship history and obtain an eviction notice from your District Court with documented proof from the Rentaba platform. We’re working on simplifying the process and will announce more details when implemented. Rentaba will provide some informative options based on our experience.

  20. Does Rentaba have an anti-discrimination policy?

    Rentaba does not tolerate any discrimination for any reason. We will suspend a user’s account should discrimination be proven.

Last Updated: February 24, 2016

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