Our Fairtract is a living document, more powerful than traditional contracts.

At any time, all of the information viewed within the Fairtract is up-to-date based on your activities on the Rentaba platform.

Check out some of the powerful features that build this Fairtract for you automatically over the life of the relationship between landlord and tenant.


We have taken the contract of yesterday and designed it to be more powerful than just the static document you are used to. Everything found in rental contracts today is included and more. For example, the Fairtract is easily customized by the landlord per relationship with Standard and Special Rules. Defining the components that govern this relationship is a breeze.


Using the Interaction Center, landlords and tenants can interact with each other knowing their conversations are documented and populated within a section of the Full Fairtract document. These include things like Maintenance Requests, Complaints, and general conversations.


Rentaba allows for tenants to have their rent payments paid automatically from their bank account or credit/debit card. Also, they can manually make a one time rent payment at any time with ease. These payments are recorded and reflected within a section of the full Fairtract.


There are so many steps to climb during your rental relationship and Rentaba aims to guide this process as there is almost no industry standard today. By reviewing multiple sources in the industry today, we have built what we see as the most comprehensive, fair, and ethical process available in the market.


With Standard Rules and the ability to add Special Rules, a landlord can easily and precisely define how they work with their tenants. Check out the full Fairtract features to learn more about things like Educational Tips, Reminders, Notifications, Legal Protections and how all these features can truly change how you manage your relationships in an easier and more powerful way.


Check out more Rentaba features that enhance the landlord and tenant relationship.

Landlords + Tenants

Notifications of activity on Rentaba both via email and within the website. Optionally you can enroll in SMS notifications.

Utility Switching
Landlords + Tenants

We provide landlords the ability to enter meter numbers and specify if the tenant should switch any utilities into their name. Upon acceptance of the Fairtract, this information is easily available for tenants.

Landlords + Tenants

When a tenant moves in they have 5 days to fill out a property checklist documenting the condition of the property they are renting. During the move-out process, the landlord has access to that checklist and fills out another one which is sent to the tenant.

Dashboard Reports

Landlords have curated statistics to show how well their relationships are performing and if any areas need specific attention. There are also financial summaries they receive periodically.

Automatic Payments

Tenants can enable automatic payment enrollment with their default method of payment, knowing their payments are paid on-time.

Payment Processing
Landlords + Tenants

Rentaba uses industry leading payment technology and only the most secure transmissions to handle your payment information that is compliant with all industry standards.

Landlords + Tenants

The RentabaScore is a new methodology we have created to track the performance of landlords and tenants based on how they actually perform within their relationships on the Rentaba platform.

Full History
Landlords + Tenants

Full documented history in all relationship areas is what sets Rentaba apart from our competitors. We track and provide you with this information to save you time, effort, and headache while you are in a relationship.

Educational Tips
Landlords + Tenants

Throughout the relationship, Rentaba curates tips to help educate users on both sides about what is expected of them, both legally and in order to maintain a healthy and productive relationship.

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